Several years ago, Dr. D. Lisa Cothran cited the need for a new journal based upon the three points noted below.

  1. JUEMP aims to give authors an up or down decision as quickly as possible and to publish an accepted research paper within a few months (i.e., in the upcoming issue).
    o As is the case in many areas of study, it can take 2-3 years for research to be conducted and published in an empirical, peer-reviewed journal. Psychologists routinely complain about this haltingly-slow path to publication and related problems.
  2. JUEMP opens publication access to ethnic minority researchers and samples.
    o Approximately 5% of all psychology publications are written by or about Nonwhites (Hall, 2010, p. 4). This reality can be imposing to Nonwhite researchers and those who conduct research on Nonwhite populations.
  3. JUEMP opens publication avenues for undergraduate students.
    o Before JUEMP was established there were no undergraduate journals devoted to research on ethnic minority psychological issues. To be clear, other journals (e.g., Psi Chi, MPS, Yale Review of Undergraduate Research, etc.) provide excellent outlets and opportunities for all undergraduate researchers. However, those reflect a largely non-ethnic minority voice and target-of-study.

JUEMP is designed to address each of these points as it aims to accomplish the following: speed the flow of research results; open access to ethnic minority researchers’ and samples’ ideas and knowledge; and encourage undergraduate researchers to conduct, present, and publish empirical studies.